Readers and commentaries are welcome, but not necessary. I prefer to stay anonymous for the time being, but eventually I might reveal my identity one day.

A bit about me

Favorite colors: Blue, white, black, and gray

Pets: I have a cat

Hobbies: Youtube

Aesthetic: I prefer minimal and soft colors

I am: Still a work in progress

Favorite Book: Jane Eyre

Favorite Movie: hmmm hard to answer

Personality: Introvert

Age: 20ish

Music: I will listen to anything and everything except country music

Where I am currently in my journey:  I’m very much so a o. To be honest, I’m not even close to where I would like to be.

Hope to achieve: I would like to become a completely different person. I want to find my personal style. Explore my spirituality, and find what makes me happy from the inside out.

Goal End Date: To make as much progress before July 18, 2018